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Our Boys Spring 2019 Lacrosse registration will take place as an on-line registration.

1) The YAC Boys Lacrosse on-line registration will take place between January 1st & January 31st. The Boys' Commissioner is asking that all 3rd through 8th graders sign up before end of day January 31, 2019 because of game scheduling and game jersey ordering.

K/1/2 - please register by March 1st

All players who register during this time will be placed in a clinic or on a team.

2) Once the YAC Boys Lacrosse on-line registration closes on January 31st

For Bantam, Junior and Senior Division players: Any player who registers on or after February 1st will be placed on a waiting list. You will not be guaranteed a roster spot if you register on or after February 1st.   

3) Here are the YAC Boys Lacrosse divisions and 2019 registration fees.

Please reference them when you complete your registration.
Mighty Might Clinic (Grades K-1) – Registration fee $115
* Pee Wee Clinic (Grades 2-3) - Registration fee $115
Bantam Division (Grades 3-4) – Registration fee $175
Junior Division (Grades 5-6) – Registration fee $175
Senior Division (Grades 7-8) – Registration fee $175
* For the Pee Wee Boys Division, we recommend that 3rd graders who are new players participate in the Pee Wee Clinic. If you are a 3rd grader who has already played we recommend you register in the Bantam Division.

4) Summary of the new YAC Boys Lacrosse On-line Registration Program

The YAC Boys Lacrosse on-line registration program is similar to an on-line shopping cart type of system that you may be familiar with. However, because our YAC On-line Registration Program requires specific information for each different sport, you will need to visit the specific sport web-page and proceed to register your child for each different sport.
In so doing, each YAC on-line sport registration form will guide you through that specific sports registration process. When you complete the sport registration form the cost will be tallied for each sport that you have registered your child. When you are done you can make one credit card payment for the entire amount of your sport registrations*.

  • * Please Note: When prompted, you do not have to complete the credit card payment for each sport registration until you’re completely done with all of your child’s sport registrations. Therefore, when you are finished with your last sport registration you can make one credit card payment for the entire amount owed.


  • If you do not process an actual credit card payment. Your registration will be kept in an active state for approximately 5 days upon which it will expire and be canceled. At this point you will need to start the registration process over and your previous information will no be there. 
  • Within the 5 day period you will be able to logon or off your YAC Account and your pending registration information should remain there for your view/use.


  • To edit/review your YAC Family Member Account/Registration Information, go to your YAC Sport Page and click on EDIT MY ACCOUNT which can be found in the Tab Section on the left side of the web-page.


5) Completing your US Lacrosse Registration Form and providing your child’s active US Lacrosse #  

The YAC Boys Lacrosse Program is an active member of US Lacrosse and we participate in the US Lacrosse Hudson Valley League. Therefore, all of our members are required to be registered with US Lacrosse and must provide their child’s active US Lacrosse # in order to participate in the YAC Lacrosse Program and to complete your YAC Boys lacrosse on-line registration.
Please Note: The YAC Lacrosse Registration and the US Lacrosse Registration programs are directly linked, however, each will require a separate credit card payment. Here is how it works.
During the YAC On-Line Lacrosse registration process you will be prompted to either provide your child’s active US Lacrosse # or to renew or register your child with US Lacrosse. US Lacrosse will either verify that your child’s US Lacrosse # or you will be required to complete a US Lacrosse credit card payment. In turn you will be given a reactivated # or a new number that will be required to complete your YAC on-line lacrosse registration.

6) To register your child for the YAC Boys & Girls Lacrosse Program you will need to complete the following registration steps.

Step 1: Go to the YAC Home Page and complete your annual YAC Family Registration Form
Step 2:  Go to any other spring sport that you want to register your child for and complete the registration form for your child in that specific sport. You do not have to make your credit card payment until you complete all of your sport registrations.
Step 3: Go to the YAC Boys Lacrosse web-page. Click on Registration.
Step 4: Proceed to register your child/children for the Spring lacrosse season. Note that you will be required to complete the following information:

  • Required YAC Lacrosse Player Information
  • Complete and pay for your US Lacrosse Registration
  • Register as a Volunteer for the annual YAC Lacrosse Murphy Tournament
  • Accept the YAC Code of Conduct

Step 5: Once you have completed your YAC On-Line Spring Registration (for all spring sports) you must make your credit card payment within 24 hours otherwise your registration will expire and be canceled upon which you will need to start the process over.  

7) If you have questions or need help here are your contact people:

For questions about the Boys Lacrosse Program contact YAC Boys Lacrosse Commissioner Bill Doller at: doller@hvcmllc.com 
For questions about the YAC Boys or Girls Lacrosse on-line registration program or process contact Web-Administrator Stephanie Brady at: sberta4@yahoo.com