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Hudson Valley Boys' Youth Lacrosse Rules for 2013

2013 NFHS & US Lacrosse Youth Rules apply with the following modifications:

Official Fees:  3/4 Grade $40 for one, 5/6 & 7/8 $40 per official or $60 if only one.  Teams pay 50/50.



Fields can be of non-regulation size.  Corners and Substitution box should be marked with cones.  Where possible, parents are required to remain on the opposite side of the field from the player's bench side.


Teams shall field 10 players, but a game may be played with as few as 7 players if both coaches agree.


Team jerseys are required to have 6" numbers on the front and 8" numbers on the back.


Equipment:  Players must be equipped with a helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, and arm pads; specifically manufactured for the play of field lacrosse.  Mouthpiece is required at all times.  Rib pads and cleats are not required, however, they are recommended.  Cleats can not be longer than one-half inch in length.   In the 3/4 grade division, stick lengths must be 37 to 42 inches for all players, no long poles.


Playing Rules:

1.  Stick Checking:  Stick checks must be made with both hands on the crosse.  A one arm swing with a crosse, whether or not contact is made, shall be considered a personal foul "slashing." This includes the over-the-head "Indian check."   No Brushes:   Any contact between the crosse and the helmet, except in the act of passing, shooting, or scooping shall be considered a personal foul- "slashing."


2.       Personal Fouls:  In the 3/4 grade division, a fast break will be awarded instead of playing Man-Up/Man-Down.  A fast break is defined as all midfielders on the midfield line with the midfielder who was offended awarded the ball 5 yards ahead of the the other midfielders.  The player who committed the personal foul must be substituted.  In all other divisions, the offending player must sit the penalty unless he/she is the goalie, for which the "In-Home" can sit the penalty.


3.       Offensive players may not contact the ball while the ball is loose in the crease.


4.       Body checking is not permitted in the 3/4 grade division.  In all other divisions, there will be no take-out checks which are defined as the intent to forcibly knock down an opposing player.  Body checking can only be done by a player in an upright position and only against a player in possession of the ball.  This ruling does not prevent a player from "screening off" or "boxing out" an opponent during a loose ball situation.


5.       There are no 10 second counts in 3/4 or 5/6 grade.  7/8 grade will have 20 seconds to advance the ball over midfield line and additional 10 seconds to get it into their offensive restraining box and the 2 minute stalling rule will apply.


6.        Game times:  3/4 grade will play 50 minute running time.  5/6 & 7/8 will play 10 stop time quarters  Each team will have two timeouts per half.


7.       Overtime Periods:  3/4 grade divisions will not play overtime.  5/6 & 7/8 divisions will play up to two sudden victory overtime periods of four minutes in length for which they will be award one timeout.  If a tie remain, coaches and officials will determine whether to play additional overtime periods.


8.       No Slaughter rule will apply - once a team is losing by five goals, they will be awarded the ball in lieu of a face-off.  The ball will be awarded in the alley of their offensive end between the sideline and restraining line at goal line extended which is 15 yards from the end line.


9.        There will be no stick checks.