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Below are the dates and times for the evaluations for in-house and the Husker team at Foley Center at West Point.  All boys in 5th thru 8th grade must attend day 1.  Day 2 Husker Tryouts are completely optional, do not attend day unless you are interested in being considered for the Husker Team that will play at a more competitive level.

All parents must click on this link
Print out the West Point Release Form, Fill it out, bring it with you on March 11th.

The March 11th evaluation enables the program to take a look at the kids and separate them into equally balanced teams.

The March 18th Husker tryout is completely optional.  It is geared to those that are looking for a more competitive compliment to the balanced program.  There will be an additional fee to play on this team to cover referee fees, field usage, tournament fees and coaches.  You must attend this tryout to be considered for the Husker program, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

West Point Divisons and Times for Evaluations @ Foley Center

West Point Day 1,  -  March 11th Time   
Grades 5/6 Balanced Team Evaluations 12PM - 2PM
Grades 7/8 Balanced Team Evaluations 2PM - 4PM
West Point Husker Tryout Day 2, - March 18th Time
Grades 5/6 Travel Tryout 12PM - 2PM
Grades 7/8 Travel Tryout 2PM - 4PM

***Please note that March 11th evaluations are open for all to stay and watch.

***MARCH 18th TRYOUTS ARE FOR PLAYERS ONLY.  Parents/Guardians must drop off their child and are not permitted in the facility.  This will be strictly enforced by Steven Frey, Boys Commissioner.