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GPS ‐ Address – 2975 Stony Street, Mohegan Lake, NY 10588

As the Yorktown Parks and Recreation Department is happy to announce an advanced opening of the Granite Knolls Sports Complex, please be advised there are still some restricted areas on the property due to the ongoing construction completion. As such, there are certain procedures to help make sure our community of athletes, coaches, families and guests are safe and accessing the fields properly.


1. Parking is to the left as you proceed into the facility from the entrance roadway. The lot is
designed to park along the curbs, with additional parking down the center in a bumper to
bumper orientation. This provides four (4) rows of spaces. It is important that sufficient area is
provided between the curb parking and center parking, particularly on the baseball field end of
the lot, to allow vehicles to traverse full circle back to the access road.

2. Handicap spaces are located at the end of the lot closest to the concession building as you drive in (right side of lot). Signs will be posted by there will be no blue marked lines.

Field Access:

1. Multipurpose Fields 1‐2: The gate closest to the concession/shed between the baseball field and the all‐purpose fields is open for players, coaches, and officials to enter the fields. Currently, the other gates are locked to control access due to the ongoing construction.

2. Baseball can be accessed using the adaptive dugout entrance as you walk toward the field.

Spectator Seating:

There are bleachers provided and chairs can be set up on the pathway surrounding the fields. As ofnow, we do not want lawn chairs and spectators gathering on the grass areas until the grass takes root. Lawn chairs will not be allowed in the fields due to the potential damage to the turf surface. Please ask your spectators to refrain from walking on the grass areas until the grass takes root as well.


Restroom facilities are currently closed for final construction. Port‐a‐Johns are provided in the parking lot area.

No Access Zones:

No guests of the facility are to enter the restricted area on the North end. This includes the basketball court, pickle ball, pavilion, putting green, and handball court area. We need everyone to stay out of this portion of the facility. Understand that due to potential safety and liability issues, failure to police this will jeopardize the use of this facility for all if this cannot be controlled, as the Yorktown Parks and Recreation Department will have no choice but to close the facility until all construction is complete.


All users of this facility are to clean up the fields after each use. The use of single use water
bottles/Gatorade bottles is to be discouraged, and the use of reusable water bottles is to be
encouraged. Eating of sunflower seeds and/or chewing tobacco of any type is strictly prohibited due to the potential damage to the field turf.

Thank you in advance for your help in allowing the Yorktown Parks and Recreation Department