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Yorktown Lacrosse since 1965


2021 YAC Boys Spring Lacrosse 

This will be a very unique and challenging Spring lacrosse season. We will make every effort to follow all necessary protocols to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus and that effort includes all parents, players, coaches, etc. The structure of the program will be fluid and we anticipate easing into a full game schedule, focusing on our skill development and intra squad competition.  

The YAC boys lacrosse program is designed to provide a safe, fun, developmental program for children in grades K-8th.  Each of our divisions offers a different degree of competitiveness, however we strive to develop a child’s love for the game so that he can truly appreciate all aspects of the sport, gain a true understanding of sportsmanship, and learn what it means to be part of a team.  Each level of the program is outlined below. 
In addition to this document, you should also review our lacrosse code of conduct and the history of the Yorktown lacrosse program to gain a complete understanding of the importance the lacrosse program plays in the lives of many people in town.  The Yorktown lacrosse program is one of the strongest and most successful in the country.  Enjoy your child’s experience.

YAC Boys Lacrosse divisions offer:
·         Mighty Mites (7U)- K and 1st grade clinic.
·         Pee Wee - (8U) 2nd 
·         Bantam – (9U/10) 3rd and 4th grade
·         Junior – (11U/12U) 5th and 6th grade
·         Senior – (13U/14U/15U) 7th and 8th grade

Spring lacrosse season starts in April and ends June 5th.

K-2 clinics will be on Sunday mornings and run by the Yorktown HS varsity coach Sean Carney and HS players.

Registration Details - Please go to www.YACsports.com and click on Boys Lacrosse, Online registration.

Important: You will need to be a member of US Lacrosse and membership needs to be valid through June 5th 2021. You will not be permitted to register if this membership is not up to date.

Please go to www.uslacrosse.org to renew or register with USLacrosse and remember to choose Yorktown Athletic Club as your local club affiliate.

If you have questions, please contact the boys lacrosse commissioner:

Bill Doller 



Fall Lacrosse             

September 2021




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